Disruptive companies and business models

companies, the social media companies are striving to capture an ever-larger percentage of consumer mind share and wallet with new offerings like exclusive and original content, live sporting events, augmented/virtual reality, educational services, and cryptocurrencies. While emerging technologies will certainly have widespread

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Commentaries on Companies Regulations, 2021 …

for small companies, ₦500 for private companies limited by shares other than small companies, and ₦1,000 for public companies. It is debatable how the implementation of the daily default penalty will apply to companies that fail to meet the deadline given that the Act did not prescribe any penalty for non-compliance.

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A Brief on the Companies Act, 2017

The Companies Act, 2017 was enacted on 30 May 2017 and is applicable with immediate effect save as provided in Section 509. The SECP has realized that companies may find it difficult to comply with the requirements of preparing the financial statements. Owing to the practical difficul ty being faced by the companies. The Securities and Exchange

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The ESG imperative for technology companies

companies to permanently embrace sustained, robust ESG practices. This is proving to be a challenge at technology companies. Yet COVID-19 represents a sudden and unexpected opportunity for tech companies to review their ESG practices. Perhaps technology leaders will be prompted to increase their ESG efforts, which would be a lasting, positive

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Updated to reflect the Companies 2018 which was effective

companies limited by shares, provided that these companies meet the relevant size tests. For example, the revenue of any company limited by guarantee is limited to $25 million, regardless of whether that company is in a group of companies limited by guarantee or is in a mixed group headed by a private company.

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The time has come

companies in 52 countries and jurisdictions, making this the most extensive survey in the series to date. The survey provides a detailed look at global trends in sustainability reporting and offers insights for business leaders, company boards and sustainability professionals. Its aim is to support those who

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Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) 2021

Companies with active refining licences or proven track record of international crude oil and petroleum products trading will be allowed to import any product shortfall that domestic refineries are unable to meet. • Gas flare penalties from upstream operations to be utilized for environmental remediation and relief of the

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The agricultural and food value chain

The goal of the global agribusiness value chain, which spans input companies through to the final consumer1 and has a total value of around US$5 trillion, is to provide sustainable access to affordable food, feed, fibre and, more recently, fuel. However, this goal is getting harder to achieve every year due to

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Global leaders in aviation finance

companies that make an essential contribution to aviation finance. To qualify, all companies had to meet one test: if they went out of business would the market feel a significant loss? u We have the biggest concentration of aircraft leasing clients of any firm in the world, including the major deal-makers and deal-doers

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Building optimism

for its world headquarters.3 And Related Companies and Oxford Property Group continue to work on the Hudson Yards megaproject with its towers, high-end apartments, and 4parkland. Renovation work also offers opportunities. With the right location and the “right bones,” an older property can be

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Looking ahead: Private Equity trends for 2021

capital, help guide portfolio companies through the pandemic, and return capital to their investors. All of this has led to advantageous fundraising opportunities for the top performing managers, proving the resiliency of the industry to thrive even in extreme uncertainty.

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Protected Cell Companies

• the Subsidiary Legislation 386.10 Companies Act (Cell Companies Carrying on Business of Insurance) Regulations, as amended by Legal Notice 391 of 2015. • It is a single legal entity. • There are two parts to the PCC namely, a non-cellular part (the Core) and protected cells (the cells). • The number of cells is not limited.

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Medium & Large Companies

companies. There is a new requirement for certain Designated Unlimited Companies, Part 24 Investment Companies, Irish UCITS PLC corporates and certain external companies with Irish branches to file financial statements (see Section 6 of this document). Also certain large and publicly listed entities will have to

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Greater Bay Area Update

attract the listings of fast growing and innovative high -tech companies. The changes are an important step towards increasing transparency in China’s capital markets. • Initially launched in 2009, ChiNext has more than 800 companies listed on it, with a market value of more than US$1.3 trillion 1 as of Aug 2020.

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Fintech Focus Report – 2020

companies in the sector had less than 18 months of funding on hand to cover future projected needs. We . have estimated that the sector would need to raise approximately £825 million to get to a point where all companies had at least 18 months of funding. This is achievable, with investors likely to support the viable businesses in their

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Venture Pulse Q2 2021

companies such as Barkbox and Lightning eMotors. Activity cooled somewhat in the second half of the quarter, after the SEC issued accounting guidance related to accounting of stock options. In Europe and Asia, SPACs are gaining more attention from tech companies looking to go

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MANAGEMENT CONSULTING Planning, Budgeting and …

Companies that have moved towards more focussed budgeting process and deployment of rolling forecasts, have not only seen the benefit of more relevant information but have reduced the cycle time to produce the information by over 60 percent 1. …

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MCA notified certain provisions of the Companies

Companies Act, 2013 (2013 Act). The notified provisions are effective from 7 May 2018. This issue of First Notes aims to provide an overview of the recently notified sections of the Amendment Act, 2017 and the amendments issued to the rules to the 2013 Act. The amendments are in respect with the following provisions: Loans and investments by

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Digital Health in Vietnam

UK companies have many of the missing digital pieces Vietnam needs to accelerate progress towards its healthcare development goals. At the same time, digital health companies that understand Vietnam’s unique population health challenges and can provide collaborative solutions will gain access to one of Asia’s fastest growing healthcare markets.

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ESG: Environmental, Social, Governance

large companies (all listed companies and large asset owners). What is SECR? Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting is the reporting of carbon emissions and energy use within the Director’s and Strategic Reports, and is mandatory for all large UK companies (all listed companies and large asset owners) for years starting on or after 1 April 2019.

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The Healthcare Diagnostics Value Game

companies can deliver signifcant improvements that should enhance their value to both owners and potential investors. This means looking beyond mere survival to come up with a winning strategy. Five ways to win the diagnostics value game: Partner with the wider . health system – including the public sector . Evolve healthcare models – including

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The Mexican pharmaceutical industry. News

pharmaceutical companies go through different processes in which chemical, biological, physical and medical tests of the potential product are carried out. Simultaneously, different manufacturing and marketing processes and activities are performed, subject to reviews by the regulatory authorities, in order to be able to sell the product.

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Are national oil companies the new international oil

Many global investors see national oil companies (NOCs) as turning to new strategies such as IPOs to help improve their operations, enhance technical skills, and build global competitiveness. The next generation of NOCs . Over the past few decades, NOCs have steadily overtaken international oil companies (IOCs) in terms

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COVID-19 How should companies account for insurance

Some companies may have insurance cover for losses triggered by the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak – e.g. for business interruption or third party claims, including penalties for non-performance, late delivery or cancellations. For many companies, accounting for insurance proceeds will be a new area. In

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Coronavirus is a massive challenge for companies

Coronavirus is a massive challenge for companies March 2020 The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is keeping people on their toes, confronting companies with new operational challenges. According to the OECD, the Coronavirus is currently the largest threat to the global economy since the financial crisis of 2007/2008. Having an

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Internal Controls over Financial Reporting for Insurance

As defined by IA, Internal Controls over Financial Reporting (ICOFR) is a process designed to providereasonable assurance regarding the reliability of financial reporting and the preparation of financial statements for external purposes in accordance with generally accepted accountingprinciples. Phased Implementation Approach: 3. 5. 2. 4. Establish ICOFR …

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Accounting in the Gaming Industry

to Gaming companies, as the use of platforms or products developed by third parties is common. A principal is defined by IFRS 15 as the entity that controls the specified good or service before that good or service is transferred to the customer and, as a result, the principal is required to present revenue and expenses in gross amounts. The agent,

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American investments in Poland

American companies have stimulated Poland’s potential, taking it to global markets. The year 2018 is a special moment for the Polish economy, full of challenges and hopes after a successful period of post-communist transformation. Poland is a strong economy and a significant player in the European Union.

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Non-resident landlords and the move to corporation tax

companies within the group (related 51% companies). Where an NRL’s profits are large or very large, tax payments will be accelerated such that payments are more in line with when the taxable income is earned. For fund structures that are corporate SPV heavy (both UK and non-UK companies) this can very easily result in NRLs falling within

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2020 China Leading Fintech 50

Fintech companies that displayed an excellent overall performance, including 50 "old champions" and 50 "new faces", which helped to form the "Double 50" list. The expansion of the list represents not only the increasing speed of development of Fintech in China, but also the positive expectations for the sustainable development of the

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Illustrative disclosures for investment funds

Notes Basis of preparation 12 1. Reporting entity 12 2. Basis of accounting 12 3. Functional and presentation currency 12 4. Use of judgements and estimates 13

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HR Structure and Staff Headcount

companies plan to outsource functions such as Recruitment, HR Administration, Payroll, Work Space Evaluation and Performance Appraisal . The role of HR Business Partners is defined primarily by the extent of their involvement in the overall business process.

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Venture Pulse Q4 2020: Global

companies with strong value propositions given the ongoing pandemic, including companies in logistics and delivery, health and biotech, fintech, and business productivity. Fundraising increases as mega funds gain traction Global fundraising activity surged to $112 billion in 2020 from $90 billion last year, in part due

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IFRS 9 for insurers

implementation projects, management at companies – usually group financial controllers – have asked us ‘How will I know when we’re done?’ This guide helps to answer that question. It outlines key considerations that insurers need to focus on to get to …

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Illustrative Annual Financial Statements under Hong Kong

Companies Ordinance and the applicable disclosure provisions of the MBLRs, and - a list of group properties and five year summary as required by Appendix 16 to the MBLRs, Disclosure of financial information; • further information on recent developments in HKFRSs, including a brief overview of their scope and requirements; •

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Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Update

companies and investors interested in participating in petroleum exploration and production business in Nigeria. According to the DPR guidelines on the 2020 oil bid round exercise, interested bidders were expected to pay a total of $115,000 and N5 million in statutory and other application-related fees.

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Value of Fintech

incumbent financial services companies, industry associations, Government agencies, and capital providers. We found numerous examples of how fintechs enhance the role of financial services firms and help them provide products and services more effectively, identifying five principal themes -improving financial inclusion, enhancing

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Media IFRS 15 Revenue – Are you good to go

companies account for their contracts. To help you drive your implementation project to the finish line, we’ve pulled together a list of key considerations that many companies in …

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Top 10 internal audit focus areas for technology companies

Every day, technology companies grapple with challenges such as cyber threats, new industry and business disruption, and regulatory compliance. Our annual edition of the top 10 internal audit focus areas for technology companies outlines the crucial role internal audit (IA) plays in helping technology companies manage some of today’s

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The view of multinationals in ASEAN

many felt that Indonesian companies are more focused on home markets and local regulators are understandably protective of those opportunities. This in turn will likely shape the way multinationals integrate Indonesia into their regional platforms. Meanwhile, the re-emergence of Myanmar is a popular topic, but most CEOs are generally

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0 Towards net zero: Towards net zero

the adequacy of companies’ climate disclosures under exis ting published standards. And third, climate- related financial disclosures must be made mandatory and be designed around a core framework – ideally the TCFD – to ensure comparability. Heralding the first steps

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