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The Sad Truth about one of America’s Best Furniture Companies! About Harden Furniture. Harden Furniture used to be a premier brand for luxury furniture stores. Harden bedroom furniture, living room and dining room furniture decorated the …

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Furniture Makers . Furniture makers and furniture companies often have a complex and fascinating story. We delve into the history of fine furniture companies, furniture stores and furniture craftsmen. Our articles here provide information about these furniture makers in an entertaining way!

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Who is the Kling Furniture Company

Kling Furniture Company was created as a collection of furniture companies in New York State. John Alexander Kling, an immigrant from Sweden, purchased several struggling furniture companies, starting with the Chautauqua Spring Bed & Lounge Company in Mayville, New York in 1911.

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What Happened to Harden Furniture

Like many American companies, including Pennsylvania House, Harden faced challenges in the post 1990 era. As trade opened up with Asia and Mexico, American production moved overseas where cheaper labor markets emerged. By the 1990’s and 2000’s, Harden Furniture Company struggled to compete on price.

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Site Map ⋆ Bohemians, Vintage, Antique

Site Map at Bohemians antique furniture. Posts. Category: Blog Country French Furniture, Our Best French Inspired Pieces

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Antique Grandfather Clocks : Are Old Grandfather Clocks

Most antique grandfather clocks can be worth anywhere from $1000 to $10,000. Of course, the provenance, condition, and artistry will impact the value of an old grandfather clock. This particular grandfather clock sold in early 2022 for roughly $5000. Its condition, beauty and age helped it to sell fairly quickly.

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What Happened to Pennsylvania House Furniture

Many furniture companies made reproductions of them. Yours is probably a good maker and the name is rubbed or faded away over time if its older. Vintage very good chairs of the style sell at auction from $75 to $300 depending on condition, any wear, scratches, finish missing will lower the values greatly.

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What Happened to Statton Furniture

In the 1990’s through the early 2000’s, changes in international trade deals brought challenges to many American companies. As NAFTA and other trade deals opened up manufacturing in other countries, many furniture companies were forced to compete on price in a way they had never done in the past.

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History of Statton Furniture

In 2008, after four generations of ownership, they closed their doors forever, struggling to compete with companies who have moved production overseas. 🙁 but wait… In the last few years, there has been an effort to reestablish the company and it continues to sell modern made pieces using their key devotion to hand-crafted furniture.

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Ethan Allen Furniture History, High End Furniture Made in

A brief history of the Ethan Allen Furniture company. America's premier and best known furniture companies. Most people recognize the name Ethan Allen as one of the premier furniture makers in the United States.

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What the Value of Antique English Furniture

Interestingly, these three different antique English furniture styles continue to remain relevant today. Indeed, many modern furniture companies continue to replicate these styles. Elements of these important styles continue to provide inspiration for furniture design. Thus, these three old furniture artifacts are collectible in their own right.

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Baker Furniture : International Furniture Company of Mystery!

A few years later, in 1972, Baker merged with two other companies to form Baker, Knapp & Tubbs to lead a showroom network. To this day, this alliance remains one of the largest wholesale distributors in the industry. In 1986, Baker Furniture sold once again to Kohler Company. Kohler continues to operate the company today.

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Antique Desks – Secretary Desks

Vintage companies in the 20th century have reproduced antique forms in vintage secretary desks. Often, fine furniture companies like Baker Furniture, Henredon Furniture, Kittinger Furniture, Ethan Allen Furniture and others took forms of antique desks and recreated them. Thus, vintage secretary desks can offer an incredible option for the home.

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French Furniture : Antique & Vintage Choices

Several furniture companies introduced lines of French Provincial inspired bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, and living room furniture. It is often factory painted in cream and white and has gold painted details. Lots of American furniture companies capitalized on the popularity of this French Provincial style during the 1940’s

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What's an Ethan Allen Maple Hutch Worth

Firstly, Ethan Allen Baumritter Furniture, which was a line of furniture that this hutch also belonged to, was maple and typically followed Early American Style. Of course, Ethan Allen, like many fine furniture companies, studied the masters of antique furniture to produce a reproduction line like Baumritter in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

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Antique Furniture Values

Modern furniture companies can not easily replicate antique beds. Thus, they continue to hold their value. One final note on antique beds: because their function is so vital, Bohemian’s antiques sells antique beds that have long threaded bolts and nuts, have very strong and …

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Vintage Furniture Archives ⋆ Bohemians Vintage Furniture

We research the best brands, and know from experience which companies made exquisite high end furniture, and which simply capitalized on popular styles or trends. Thus, we frequently stock our vintage store with Baker Furniture, Pennsylvania House Furniture, Ethan Allen Furniture, Thomasville Furniture, Stickley Furniture and other similar top

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Why I Hate Mid Century Modern Furniture! A Rant by Rachel

Simply put, Mid Century Modern furniture is furniture produced roughly in the years from 1940’s until the 1960’s. Design wise, however, Mid Century furniture typically has simple lines and very little ornamentation. Typically, because it has no fuss, it is regarded as very functional furniture. New materials like plastic, resin and plywood

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Farmhouse Furniture Your Husband will Actually Like!

Farmhouse furniture by these two vintage companies will add incredible value and beauty to your home. If you would like to build a home of value and enduring style in the farmhouse vein, start with basic good quality vintage furniture. You (and your spouse) will appreciate the difference immediately, and forever.

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Antique Side Tables

Likewise, several colonial reproduction companies made beautiful nightstands and bachelor chest adaptations. Kittinger made several hefty bedside tables, as did Kling, Ethan Allen, Statton and Stickley. I would say the only thing people need …

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Art Deco Furniture Guide: What you Need to Know

No doubt, beautiful vintage pieces by these high end companies bring the glamor and mystique of art deco to your home, with updated fabric and fresh appeal. Art Deco for Today’s Homes. So, what do you think about Art Deco Furniture? Do you love the style? Let us know your stories regarding Art Deco Furniture below.

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What is my French Provincial Dining Room Set Worth

These higher end companies often had more subtle details on the edges of the furniture and more exaggerated “ball and hoof” feet. Your set here has a much simpler design on the legs of the chairs and table, and very simple carvings on the edges of the set. Subtle differences that make all the difference in value.

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Antique Furniture Store

Browse Bohemian’s online antique furniture store for quality antiques in addition to traditional vintage furniture from top furniture makers. Furthermore, find a selection of high-end antiques and solid wood furniture for sale to add style to your home. Our online furniture store is updated daily with antique furniture, so check back often.

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What is a Antique Corner Cabinet Worth

Few modern companies employ this technique today. Obviously, it gives the cabinet a beautiful period look. One also notices the warm glow of the solid mahogany used in this large corner cabinet. Mahogany wood gives a classic and traditional look to furniture. Antiques made in mahogany last for centuries.

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What's My Antique Dining Room Set Value in Todays Market

Many companies during this period made similar sets of varying quality. Berkey and Gay (from Grand Rapids, Michigan) was one of the more recognized and celebrated companies of the period. Your set appears to be oak and oak veneers and is done in what is commonly called “ Jacobean style.”

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What's the Value of an Ethan Allen Georgian Court Server

Indeed, while it may not have the high resale value of certain brands like Stickley Furniture and Baker Furniture, Ethan Allen still tops the list of great American Furniture companies. So, many people recognize the Ethan Allen name. Of course, this often helps the resale value, as well as the relative speed of sale, of vintage Ethan Allen

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Garden Urns & Where to Use them

Because cast iron is such a lengthy and difficult process to make, most modern garden companies shy away from offering real cast iron urns to their customers. They are also extremely heavy, so they are hard and expensive to ship. Bohemians online store has a nice selection of vintage and antique cast iron garden urns for sale. We often sell

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Country French Furniture, Our Best French Inspired Pieces

In fact, in the 1960s through 1980s, many vintage furniture companies added a white factory finish to many of their French provincial pieces. However, personally, I mostly prefer the wood finishes, like on this solid cherry French style vanity. Indeed, the classic cherry color can fit very nicely in a traditional bedroom.

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Bohemians Vintage Furniture, Antiques

Bohemians Online Store Becomes the Top Spot for Exquisite Vintage Furniture and Fine Arts Collection (August 19, 2021) – One of the few sites to provide elegant, high-end vintage furniture along with heirloom antiques is www.ebohemians.com.

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Harden Furniture Article ⋆ Vintage, Antique

(The Sad Truth about one of America’s Best Furniture Companies!) About Harden Furniture. Harden Furniture used to be a premier brand for luxury furniture stores. Harden bedroom furniture, living room and dining room furniture decorated the most high end furniture stores around the country.

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What is a Georgetown Galleries Buffet

American companies, such as Georgetown Galleries, simply could not compete with modern imports in today’s economic atmosphere. As a result, many fine American furniture manufacturers faced bankruptcy in the last thirty years. Sadly, Georgetown Galleries of …

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What is a End Table, Pennsylvania House Furniture, Solid

Item: Vintage Pennsylvania House Cherry End Table. Age & Condition: Circa 1990. Refinished and Restored. Good vintage condition. Dimensions: 21″ wide x 27″ deep x 22″ tall.

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What is an Antique Mantel Clock Worth

Ansonia was one of the largest American Clock companies of the 19th Century, and sold millions of different clocks. This iron Ansonia mantel clock is quite amazing for its level of detail and beauty. It was made in circa 1880 in the New York Factory and is marked in the face of the clock and in the works. It displays the God of Commerce

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Antique Bookcases

Certain companies, such as Globe Wernicke Bookcase, made thousands of these stacking barrister bookcases. So, collectors often look for the original labels and matching dates inside the back of the antique bookcase. An antique oak barrister bookcase arrives at Bohemians with some regularity. We usually see one pop up every four to six weeks.

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What's A Vintage Coffee Table Worth

Coffee tables from top brand name furniture companies in this size can range from $75 to $500 at auction. Retail prices for vintage coffee tables in very good to prestine condition can range from $250 to $2000 depending on the brand name and style. The specifications of this vintage coffee table were as follows. Vintage Coffee Table.

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What is a Pennsylvania House Cherry Buffet Worth

Description Pennsylvania House Cherry Buffet. Pennsylvania House Cherry Buffet in beautiful Queen Anne style. This nicely proportioned buffet has plenty of storage in the drawers and in the center and cabinet doors on either side.

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What is a Ridgeway Grandfather Clock Worth

Ridgeway Clock was sold to different companies and is currently a division of Howard Miller Company. These clocks were made in Michigan. Ridgeway is the oldest continuous produced Grandfather Clock brand in the United States. The lovely Grandfather clock has three different melodies and chimes on the hour. It also has a silencer.

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What is a Pennsylvania House Dining Table with Two Boards

All in all though, this is a beautiful high quality table by one of our favorite furniture companies. We also have a coordinating set of six chairs and beautiful lighted Pennsylvania House china cabinet. Please see our other listings for information. Related products.

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What is a Ethan Allen Mirror

While lots of reproduction companies sold similar looking mirrors, few have beveled mirror. This extra feature helps to bounce light around in a room, and give more visual interest to the piece. This mirror is stamped “Ethan Allen” on the reverse. The Chippendale mirror has a great size and can work in many different settings!

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What is a Ethan Allen Maple Hutch Worth

A great solid maple hutch made in the good old days of vintage furniture companies! This 1970’s maple hutch has incredible heavy Vermont maple as its base. This hutch is in original finish and does have some blemishes and light surface scratches. However, it still has a lot of life left in it and could also be refinished or painted.

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What is a Nichols and Stone Wheat Back Arm Chairs Worth

Nichols and Stone continues to make incredible hardwood furniture today and is one of the oldest furniture companies in the United States. However, this style of chair, according to their website, is no longer in production. The Chairs are very reasonably priced at $299 each. Please select “2” if you would like the pair.

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