Julio Iglesias’s multi-million network of businesses: From

Spanish singer Julio Iglesias has used five companies located in the British Virgin Islands, which is a tax haven, to acquire a number of properties in Indian Creek, the sought-after island on Miami known as “Billionaire Bunker.” The current value of the homes is as much as $112 million (€96 million), according to data from Miami-Dade

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The Spanish companies among the world's top 50 retailers

Of the three companies in the top-50, the only one to have improved its standing in the latest study is Inditex, moving up one place to 49th. The group set up by Galician Amancio Ortega and now presided over by Pablo Isla, is also among the 50 companies that have experienced the most growth over the five years prior to the preparation of the

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Why remote working in Spain is once again a thing of the

Companies are asking us how they can avoid these rules in order to free themselves of these obligations,” explains attorney Ana Gómez, from the law firm Ceca Magán. “Defining home working with a percentage is the least-flexible approach in the world,” adds José Luis Risco, the partner in charge of human resources at consultancy EY.

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Coronavirus: Spain approves €7 billion in direct aid for

Eligible companies must prove that their revenues fell by at least 30% in 2020 from 2019, and the cash grants must be used for fixed expenses or debt reduction. The aid targets sectors particularly affected by the pandemic, such as hospitality, wholesale and retail distribution, or culture.

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Spain’s leading construction companies emerge from crisis

Spain's Acciona is building part of Brisbane's Legacy tunnel. After more than seven lean years, Spain’s construction companies are beginning to show signs of recovery. In 2015, for the first time since 2007, the country’s six leading players saw an increase in overall revenue as well as market capitalization, according to the latest European Powers of Construction report …

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Green energy in Spain: Big business pushes Spanish

Around 30 multinational and medium-sized companies have signed a declaration calling on Spain’s “public powers” to reach an agreement that would facilitate the “approval of a climate change law and a stable, ambitious and efficient” transition to green energy.Eleven firms listed on Spain’s principal stock exchange, the Ibex35, have backed the proposal: Abertis, …

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Referendum in Catalonia: The companies that are leaving

The following is a detailed list of the companies that are moving out of Catalonia: <b>CAIXABANK</b> (to Valencia) Market capitalization: €24.8 billion Income (2016): €6.8 billion Net profit (2016): €1.05 billion 32,403 employees

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Fakes and piracy are costing Spanish companies €6.8

Counterfeit goods for sale in Sitges, near Barcelona. Massimiliano Minocri. Counterfeit goods and pirated audiovisual content are costing European companies in sectors vulnerable to intellectual property infringement almost €56 billion a year – or an average of 7% of sales. In Spain, however, the €6.766 billion loss is the equivalent to 10.6% of sales, according …

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Border security: The lucrative business of securing Europe

Firms including Spanish companies Indra and Dragados are behind these projects. The ODI report mentions that since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, a total of 1,200 kilometers of border fence have been constructed in Europe. The estimated total cost of seven of these – those built in Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Latvia

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Fake news in Spain: The business of digital manipulation

In January, several companies pulled their ads from Mediterráneo digital after this website wondered in an article “why are feminists uglier than regular women.” Caso Aislado works much like the outlets that have popularized the Northern League in Italy, with headlines that exaggerate the problems derived from immigration , such as

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Tax breaks for Spanish companies: Leading Spanish

In particular, the measure allowed these companies to deduct from their corporate tax base the so-called financial goodwill, i.e. the difference between the costs of acquisition of the shareholding of the target company and the market value of the underlying assets of that company. The deduction was allowed for a period of up to 20 years

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Working in Spain: The job vacancies that Spain constantly

The Spanish labor market is ill-equipped to cover all its bases. While the unemployment rate is at 13.8%, there are also vacancies that go unfilled due to a lack of qualified professionals. This failure to match candidates to jobs was highlighted by 41% of the thousand Spanish executives surveyed by staffing company ManpowerGroup, and it is the highest …

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Energy prices: In Spain, wave of protests over price hikes

A march against electricity companies held in Madrid in October. Olmo Calvo. Consumer groups have been staging small protests for months, but the issue of rising electricity bills has now escalated to the point where dozens of associations and around 1,800 people showed up for a march in Barcelona around two weeks ago. While not a huge number

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Working in Spain: Problems on day one of Spain’s new

Most large companies have had an easier time of it, since they already have digital systems to track employee hours. Sources at energy firms Cepsa, Repsol, Iberdrola, Endesa, Naturgy and Red Eléctrica de España said that special systems will be negotiated for staff members with flexible working hours.

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Pandora Papers: Oil exploration, artificial intelligence

The offshore companies created by the Garza Medina family also invested in Villa Plata, a residence for senior citizens in Guadalajara. There at least 650,000 pesos (nearly $32,000) and behind the companies that executed the operation were the relatives of Garza Medina once more. Although these same names reappear over and over again, a

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Why most recyclable construction waste is being dumped

In order to comply with waste regulations, each city council must collect a waste-management fee from the companies and individuals who request a building license. But the interest group says that only 8% of councils do this, and according to the Demolition and Construction Waste Recycling Interest Group, which represents waste-management

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UK investment in Spain: Brexit: Spain attracting more

Brexit: Spain attracting more British investment, but few companies Inflows from the UK have grown by 80%, but businesses are choosing to relocate their headquarters elsewhere, in cities such as Frankfurt, Paris, Dublin and Amsterdam. Antonio Maqueda. Madrid - 18 Feb 2019 - 13:38 UTC.

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Pandora Papers: Corinna Larsen and businessman Allen

Foreign companies registered in the archipelago, which is located in the Indian Ocean, are exempt from paying taxes nor do they need to provide a minimal capital amount to register a company. There is also no requirement to publicly register the name of company directors, according to a law on international commerce that has been in place since

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Catalan independence: Hundreds of companies leaving

Catalan government officials have suggested that companies are moving to Madrid over tax issues rather than perceived instability. But the Spanish capital is not the main destination of businesses that move for tax purposes: most of those go to Andorra and Ireland, which offer low corporate tax. Such is the case of the Catalan pharmaceutical

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