Business Companies in Sri Lanka

Business Companies in Sri Lanka has come along a long way since past few decades. The country and its government have indeed taken in several steps and acts to make their business sectors more lucrative and advantageous for the …

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Private limited companies in Sri Lanka

The Private Limited Companies in Sri Lanka are also known as the Limited Liability Companies or LLC in Sri Lanka. All these Private Limited Companies incorporated and established all over Sri Lanka surly makes a clear and immense impact in the steady growth and stability of the country’s economic scale.

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Multinational Companies in Sri Lanka

Multinational Companies in Sri Lanka has come along a prolonged distance in the business sectors and corporate origins of Sri Lanka since last few decades. Of course, all these multinational companies in Sri Lanka are indeed highly praised, cherished, valued and facilitated with all sort of benefits and advantages from their government.

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Company Registration

We have experienced various type of business registration for our foreign clients such as IT Firms, Corporate Office, Manufacturing Companies, Industries, Retailing Business, Import/Export Business and many more. Let me provide you all with a small layout for Company Registration Procedure in Sri Lanka:

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Sri Lanka Company Registry Act

Form 44, 45 & 46 for overseas companies that can be obtained from Registrar of Companies; Form 13 — If there is a Change of address Made — Obtained from Registrar of Companies; Form 20 — If there the directors are changed — Obtained from Registrar of Companies; Form 3 — If there company name is a changed — Obtained from Registrar of

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Registrar of companies Sri Lanka

The Registrar of Companies Sri Lanka do come up with vivid and potent alertness to initiate effective functioning of all its policies and regulations and even take steps in other essential commercial activities. The Department of the Registrar of Companies Sri Lanka was mainly introduced in the year of 1938.

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Home – Foreign Direct Investment in Sri Lanka

Easy Way to Register a Foreign Company in Bangladesh. 2 years ago. Currently Bangladesh is one of the emerging economic tigers of Asian countries for profitable business, so enthusiastic foreign investors are coming here to invest in 6 min read. Blog.

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FDI Information – Foreign Direct Investment in Sri Lanka

Thus, Sri Lanka and their government has set off certain limitations and barriers over foreign direct investment policies for investors that must be obeyed and maintained by all these foreign companies. Some of the business policies that are not permitted under FDI in Sri Lanka are given below: Money Lending. Pawn Brokerage. Retail Trade.

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10 sectors of Sri Lanka to attract Foreign Direct Investment

Below the 10 major attractive sectors to Foreign Direct Investment Sri Lanka or 10 Reasons of Sri Lanka that attract Foreign Direct Investment: Construction. The construction industry in Sri Lanka has seen a steady growth over the years and is showing signs of continuous growth. This industry is a major contributor to total economic growth.

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FDI News Archives – Foreign Direct Investment in Sri Lanka

10 sectors of Sri Lanka to attract Foreign Direct Investment. 3 years ago admin. Foreign direct investment allows corporations and individuals to own controlling stakes of businesses in different countries. The main objective of 3 min read.

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Can a foreigner buy land or house for sale in Sri Lanka

These companies which are owned privately has to invest money at least 250 million excluding the value of the land. Mainly any private ltd companies can buy or lease property in Sri Lanka, even public companies can buy properties for only 50% foreign ownership, and is only permitted to buy immovable property.

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The role of small businesses to economic development in

The main one being the high tariffs imposed on the exporting companies. Another problem is the unordered method of information exchange. This leads to interruptions in the flow of business. These information disruptions are caused by language barriers. Although Sri Lanka has three official languages, English is the main language used for trade.

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Small business in Sri Lanka

Tourism business. Tourism is one of the main small business in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country. Every year many hundreds of tourists from all over the world visit Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has many attractive tourists spots too. Mainly these places include the islands and famous beaches located close to Singapore.

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Export Business in Sri Lanka

The Export business in Sri Lanka has indeed came along a long way since the past few decades. The Sri Lanka government has taken in several steps and initiated certain boundary line over goods, products and wages that can be exported from Sri Lanka. The government authorities have even set out number of restrictions and limitations over various …

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Business registration in Sri Lanka

Business registration in Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka is, without doubt, one of the easiest countries to set up a business in. Setting up a business in Sri Lanka does not entail a long and tedious procedure, as is the case for many Asian countries. Instead, it involves very quick and easy steps you can complete in a matter of days. If you are planning to start a business here, …

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Steps of Company Registration in Sri Lanka FDI in Sri Lanka

The companies act prescribes that every company must publish its information in at least 3 newspapers. The information published in the newspapers should have the company name, company registration number, address, contact number, and …

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Company formation process in Sri Lanka

Numerous companies are forming every now and then in this nation. Thanks to the visionary governmental initiatives that are in favor of businesses. However, in order to form a company, the nation asks for several company formation processes. Sri Lankan trade and corporate authorities have implemented these steps during the company registration

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Easy Way to Register a Foreign Company in Bangladesh

To prepare foreign companies (100% owned by foreign nationals) the Memorandum of Association and Association of Articles requires some information which is mentioned in it. Private Limited (100% owned by a foreign citizen) is a list of the information required to prepare the memorandum and articles of association of a foreign company or joint

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Income Tax – Foreign Direct Investment in Sri Lanka

Income Tax. Paying your taxes and filling your income tax returns is said to be a civic duty in Sri Lanka. Since the year of 2012, S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED along with their experienced team of income tax attorney and lawyers has been deliberately delivering income tax service to foreign clients, business owners and corporate companies.

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How to start a hotel business in Sri Lanka

Whether you are looking for thrills, serenity, nature or even adventure in the wild, then Sri Lanka is the place to be. Boasting of its pristine golden beaches, lush green mountains and valleys and biodiversity, Sri Lanka has earned its place ranked at No.1 in the Lonely Planet best place to travel.

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Business in Sri Lanka new ideas

There are many business companies in Sri Lanka to choose from if you are interested in the thriving tourism sector of Sri Lanka. If you are an outdoorsy person at heart, investing in adventure tourism or setting up an adventure club may just be the perfect choice for you. Since there are many exotic and untamed locations in Sri Lanka, the

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Business opportunities in Sri Lanka : Detailed description

Details description on Business opportunities in Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka is of 64,740 km2 approximately and located in the Indian Ocean. It is mainly a middle-income country and around 20.87 million citizens live in it. The country’s livelihood mainly depends on the agricultural sector and a service sector. The country has a very high literacy

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All you need to know about penalty shootouts – Foreign

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5 Advantages for Indian Investors Doing Business in Sri Lanka

Now they are seeing Sri Lanka as a potential market to run companies. Sri Lanka, on the other hand, is providing free trade permission. Eventually, the government of Sri Lanka came to the conclusion that only better foreign investments and strong export-import facilities can be the fastest way to roll the nation’s economic wheel.

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Blog Archives – Page 3 of 3 – Foreign Direct Investment in

Registrar of Companies Sri Lanka. 3 years ago admin. The main purpose or the sole mission of the Registrar of Companies Sri Lanka is simply to establish and incorporate 5 min read. Blog.

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10 Easy Ways to restructure and boost Your Small Business

Such program attracts owners and directors of various companies. A lot of idea sharing, innovative planning and communicative pathways come up here. Every country has a commerce association. This association can be a good networking point to get a grip on others. 7.

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