The Inquirer’s 2021 Top Workplaces

For this year’s winners lists (see below), more than 100 large, midsize, and small companies were ranked based on their employee survey feedback. Energage also determines special award winners based on standout scores on specific survey topics. To learn more about the Top Workplaces survey process, visit

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Ransomware hits hundreds of U.S. companies, security …

Jul 2, 2021. WASHINGTON — A ransomware attack paralyzed the networks of at least 200 U.S. companies on Friday, according to a cybersecurity researcher whose company was responding to the incident. The REvil gang, a major Russian-speaking ransomware syndicate, appears to be behind the attack, said John Hammond of the security firm Huntress …

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Philadelphia Latino-owned businesses see armed robbery …

23 hours ago · Latino-owned businesses in North Philly are seeing a rash of armed robberies: ‘It was really traumatic’. Restaurants, cafes, and shops along Wyoming Avenue in Feltonville are banding together and demanding a stronger police presence. Manager Daniela Garcia works at Cafe Tinto Restaurant. There has been a rash of armed robberies targeting

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How one high-tech Philly industry may be the future of

Over 40 companies in the Philadelphia region are working in cell and gene therapy, producing a stream of new jobs and even a run on lab space. Scout Bio, located at 3675 Market Street, Philadelphia. Scout Bio, touts its "world-leading talent in animal health and gene therapy technology." Photograph taken in their lab on Wednesday, November 10

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Vanguard to launch single-country China Select Stock …

2 days ago · Last week, some Chinese companies such as ride-sharing firm Didi dropped plans to list in the U.S., prompting a brutal sell-off in other Chinese companies. A Chinese government crackdown on the technology sector has wiped out roughly …

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Medical-device companies pay doctors more than

Medical-device companies paid $3.67 billion to doctors between 2014 and 2017 — about 10% more than pharmaceutical companies, according to researchers’ analysis of Open Payments data. The $3.67 billion that medical-device companies paid doctors accounts for about 1.7% of the industry’s $211.3 billion revenue during that period.

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President Joe Biden’s planned COVID-19 vaccine rule

At United Airlines, one of the first companies to institute a mandate, some 98.5% of employees are now vaccinated, its chief executive said. Many hospitals in New York went from employee vaccination rates in the 70% to 80% range when the state’s mandate was announced a month and a half ago to more than 95% around the deadline this week.

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These are the Fortune 500 companies that call …

But the Fortune 500 only looks at publicly traded companies. But private companies are here too: notable private companies in the area include the Vanguard Group, an investment adviser based in Malvern, Pa. that is credited with low-cost index funds and other consumer-friendly products.

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Pennsylvania companies need workers. Two bills to …

Employers across Pennsylvania need your help. Data clearly show the need for immigrant talent. Undocumented farmworkers make up more than a quarter of our country’s more than one million field crop workers. About half of all Dreamers work in essential fields, according to New American Economy, including 62,000 people in our understaffed

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Philly-area companies reap millions from coronavirus

Philly-area companies reap millions from Paycheck Protection Program for small businesses. The Trump administration released data giving the most-detailed picture yet on which businesses received funding from the program, designed to help firms with fewer than 500 workers weather the coronavirus pandemic.

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Wawa, other companies offer signing bonuses to lure workers

Other companies said the signing bonuses haven’t helped fill open roles. In the restaurant industry, only 21% of local workers said signing bonuses were very important, when asked what would make the jobs more attractive, according to a recent Inquirer survey. By contrast, 81% said health benefits and paid time off were very important.

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China threatens U.S. companies with sanctions following

Sep 19, 2020. TAIPEI, Taiwan - American companies including Apple and Google could land in Beijing’s crosshairs after the Chinese government responded to President Trump’s WeChat ban by pointedly announcing details about a restrictive new corporate blacklist. China's Commerce Ministry said Saturday that companies that are added to its

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More companies are on board with women on their boards

The number of companies with no women on their boards decreased from 35 to 27. Advertisement. Even so, women held only 14 percent of all local public-company board seats, up just slightly from 2014. In 2009, women held 11 percent of the seats. In 2015, the report says, only six public companies in the region had a female chief executive.

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Higher Pa. electricity prices are coming. Here's how to save.

Electric distribution companies like Peco are required to buy the lowest priced power. They typically buy power in blind auctions conducted by independent agents, so that there’s no favoritism for affiliated power generators. Some utilities adjust charges quarterly, and others do it semi-annually.

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PPP loans didn't stop these businesses from laying off

Companies found to have spent the money on expenses other than payroll, utilities, rent, mortgage payments, or PPE could be charged with fraud. Pennsylvania employers, in this case, are not unique. Hundreds of companies around the country laid off or furloughed at least 90,000 workers despite taking more than $1.8 billion in aid, the Center for

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Unemployment still high, yet many businesses say they can

Companies must pay market-competitive wages and don’t have the luxury to take weeks or months to decide on a candidate, she said. “It’s really a candidates’ market right now,” Gionta said. “The employers are definitely struggling to identify, attract, and retain top talent.”

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Biden’s federal vaccine mandate will ‘set precedent’ for

It’s a move that has the potential to boost the vaccination rate in the Philadelphia region, and across the country, at a critical time — when students are returning to school, some workers are returning to offices, and the highly transmissible delta variant is circulating, devastating other parts of the country. “I’m grateful that the Biden administration is taking …

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Fed to give $500 billion to large companies, won’t require

Companies selling their bonds to the central bank are expected to be primarily investment-grade, publicly traded firms and therefore subject to more disclosure and oversight than those that are privately held. Patricia Mosser, a former senior official at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, pointed out that these corporations are scrutinized

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How small businesses can use independent contractors and

Over the last decade, thousands of independent contractors have forced big companies like Microsoft, FedEx, Bimbo Bakeries, and Lowe’s (as well as many other lesser-known companies in the transportation, oil and gas, and cleaning and janitorial industries) to reclassify them as employees after taking into consideration both federal and state

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Companies tout office ventilation systems after

As companies strategize how to safely reopen their offices after coronavirus closures, ventilation systems that can help limit the spread of illness by siphoning away potentially infected indoor air have become a sought-after feature that many properties lack in cities with aged business centers such as Philadelphia.

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New Jersey orders five companies to pay millions to fund

New Jersey orders five companies to pay millions to fund PFAS cleanup. The state Department of Environmental Protection launched the effort Monday to hold the companies — 3M, DuPont, DowDuPont, Chemours, and Solvay — accountable for pollution with PFAS chemicals under the state’s Spill Act and other environmental laws.

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We rank Philly companies on diversity, governance

We also highlighted Philadelphia companies with scores that improved the most over the last year, including Univest Corp. of Pennsylvania, whose ESG score rose 28 percent, to 47.94, mainly on improved governance, data show. Univest is the publicly traded parent company of Univest Bank and Trust as well as insurance, investments, and equipment

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Phone companies must allow texting new ‘988′ suicide line

Phone companies have until July 2022 to implement the 988 number for both calling and texting. The FCC said Thursday that the country's largest cellphone companies AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon already support calling 988. Suicide-prevention experts have said that the three-digit hotline could be a breakthrough that helps people in crisis.

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Legal weed businesses allowed in 40 South Jersey towns

The Cannabis Regulatory Commission, led by a former lawyer for the ACLU of New Jersey, has said it will prioritize such applicants, and those from areas with high unemployment or large numbers of marijuana arrests. Another feature of New Jersey’s legalization effort designed to level the playing field for small-business applicants is the …

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Philly’s Crossbeam — ‘Tinder for business’ — lands $76M

Companies’ software needs are moving away from “SAP and Oracle domination” by big, expensive software providers in search of “partnerships” to collect solid sales leads and land more clients faster, Wang and Li said in a statement introducing Crossbeam Andreesen Horowitz partners.

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How a California climate program lets companies keep polluting

How a California climate program lets companies keep polluting. The state’s complex carbon trading scheme is under serious strain. One of the carbon offset areas purchased by oil companies is north of Clear Lake, Calif., just …

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Fired chief diversity officer sues AmerisourceBergen in

Published. Nov 4, 2021. Lonie Haynes, the former chief diversity and inclusion officer for AmerisourceBergen, claims the company fired him in less than a year after leaders rejected his attempts to diversify the board and executive management, according to a race discrimination lawsuit filed Wednesday in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.

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How cable companies could be adding $450 a year to your

Cable companies cited rising programming costs to carry content from local network affiliates and other broadcasters, according to the report. For example, the “Broadcast TV Fee” is a non-optional fee that cable companies said helps recoup their cost of obtaining programming from broadcasters.

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Doctors flee administrative headaches of private practice

Insurance companies are also getting into the act. UnitedHealth Group’s Optum division employs more than 53,000 primary-care and specialty physicians in several states. It recently acquired Surgical Care Affiliates, a company that owns or operates 190 ambulatory surgery centers and surgical hospitals.

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New Jersey's EDA gives $4.59 million tax break to Cooper

Once companies obtain that level of approval, they must submit another round of paperwork annually to certify the jobs they created or retained, allowing the company to receive the tax credits, which can be used to offset tax bills or sold to other companies for cash.

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These parents created businesses so their unemployed adult

» READ MORE: Philadelphia companies are changing lives by hiring employees with disabilities. Adult workers at Crafters For Life are paid an hourly wage to make items like coasters, key chains, scarves, paintings, and eye pillows. The company also fills orders for weddings, birthdays, and corporate events.

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Women score gains on Philly corporate boards but remain

Female board membership at Philadelphia public companies crossed the 20% threshold in 2020, up 3% since 2018, and a 10% gain since 2010, according to last year’s Forum report. The Forum and accounting firm PwC track year-over-year statistics based on data from the region’s top 100 public companies by revenue. The report relied on the

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Debate: Should we waive COVID-19 vaccine patents for low

If companies were to waive their patent protection, vaccinations wouldn’t increase in the developing world, which would still face logistical barriers and lack of resources. More important, such a move will devalue the intellectual economy in the U.S.

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Domino’s, CVS, Walgreens hiring thousands in Philly area

Companies that serve consumers face-to-face or deliver food and essentials to homes are eager to hire, including well-known names such as Walmart, Amazon, Domino’s, RiteAid, Papa John’s, and CVS. Domino’s franchises want to hire about 700 new employees across more than 142 stores in the Philadelphia area, according to a spokeswoman.

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Yes, there are still large Philly public companies with no

In 2018, there were 17 such companies, among the 100 companies that the report covered, up from 12 in the prior year. “The report itself is a great rallying cry, and for the forum and women in the region to act and to apply for board seats,” Detwiler said. “Where we need progress is female CEOs and among the top earners at public companies."

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Live sports slowly but steadily migrates to streaming apps

Media companies are adding more live sports to online streaming apps, racking up subscriptions but further unraveling the pay-TV bundle, analysts said. That’s giving cord-cutters access to bigger sports events but fragmenting those games across a growing number of streaming services. “Sports has been the last bastion of live TV, but we’re

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Young dancers of color audition for top ballet companies

Young dancers of color audition for top ballet companies, schools in a special Philly opportunity. For 49 ballerinas of color, Philadelphia was the place to be seen by some of the top companies and schools Sunday. It was the last of five auditions as the International Association for Blacks in Dance wrapped up its conference.

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Small business aid went beyond hard-hit companies, data show

Companies were not required to supply demographic data on their applications, and many entries about race and gender contained “unanswered.” However, many minority-owned businesses don’t have employees, and so their loan amounts likely were under $150,000 and therefore not part of the data release.

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Big marijuana firms are ‘rolling up’ local dispensaries

The companies that won permits in Pennsylvania spent between $200,000 and $1,000,000 on their applications. Like lucky lottery tickets, those permits’ value have skyrocketed. “A dispensary that’s open and functional is worth $10 million plus,” said a cannabis industry executive from Chicago, who asked not to be identified because his

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PSERS sends $300M to ex-Wall Streeters accused of fraud in

Concentrating on financially needy companies — primarily in India, but also in China and Southeast Asia — the fund targets performance returns of about 15% a year (a little better than the S&P 500 has returned since 2009), senior portfolio manager James F. Del Gaudio wrote to trustees and posted on the PSERS website a month before the

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Companies and political contributions: Which gave what to

"Companies engaged by shareholders, and reaching an agreement, had significantly better disclosure and accountability policies," he said. More than half the S&P 500 - 52 percent, or 259 companies - had detailed policies on campaign donations. Thirty-five percent, or 176 companies, had brief or vague policies.

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Will holograms be the next innovation in the post-pandemic

Companies have wanted to bring them into homes, but the projection hardware is still too expensive for most people to afford. Companies, on the other hand, have larger budgets. And now software advancements are unlocking ways to use laptops, computers and smartphones to engage with and stream holograms emitted elsewhere.

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While companies like Amazon see a future in going cashless

While companies like Amazon see a future in going cashless, N.J. lawmakers pass a bill to ban the practice . The bill's backers said going cashless hurts the poor and the elderly. People walk past an Amazon Go store in Seattle. More than a year after it introduced the concept, Amazon opened its artificial intelligence-powered Amazon Go store in

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Cow burps, gas, and more: how Pennsylvania farmers hope to

“Basically, these companies want to send as little as possible to the landfill, and we help them do it,” he said. Reinford said the liquids from the methane digester are used as fertilizer while dry, refined manure is used as bedding for the dairy cows. “The goal is to be zero waste,” he said.

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Why marijuana CEO Ben Kovler of GTI is betting big on

Given the company’s relentless focus on shareholder returns, analysts consider GTI among the three top tier cannabis companies. Vivien Azer of equities research firm Cowen and Co. marveled this month at GTI’s adjusted operating profit margin, which had reached 21% in the third quarter despite a $17 million loss during that period. And, in a

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Thai taxis go green with mini-gardens on car roofs

The situation has left the taxi companies in financial peril, struggling to repay loans on the purchase of their fleets. Ratchapruk and Bovorn cooperatives owe around 2 billion baht ($60.8 million), Thapakorn said.

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N.J.'s legal weed sales are in play. Who will control it

The cannabis legislation also requires that at least 15% of licenses go to certified minority-owned businesses and 15% to firms owned by women or by disabled veterans. And the commission decided that such applicants will be reviewed first. But they don’t get extra points during the scoring for being in those categories, Patel said.

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