5 simple steps to register a company in Kazakhstan

For companies owned by foreigners who choose to use a name that is in the language of the foreign owners, it is a legal requirement that a translation of that name be provided for legal purposes even though the company can continue to use the name in a foreign language.

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Kazakhstan Taxation Services

These companies will have to meet a list of requirements to obtain the tax advantage. Besides that, companies with when turnover higher than about 200,000 EUR need to register for VAT tax (sales tax) of 12%, which requires additional reporting. Tax compliance for new companies. New companies are obliged to report taxes.

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Payroll in Kazakhstan: Wages and Related Benefits

In large companies (especially, in foreign ones) the employee’s income is twice higher than that of the state institution worker. The salary of managers is 4-5 times higher than the salary of ordinary workers. In 2018 medium wage was generally announced as 85 600 KZT and it was 5,5% above the year of 2017. In 2019 it is expected to grow about

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