Companies are increasing wages

2022 could be the year you finally buy that Dyson vacuum cleaner, because companies plan to fatten up paychecks more than they have in over a decade, according to a Conference Board survey previewed by the WSJ yesterday. They’re setting aside an average of 3.9% of next year’s total payroll for wage increases.

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These companies are trying to reshape the work week—just

Certain companies have now turned their amps up to 11 and are experimenting with something that might even satisfy the most ardent hair-metal aficionados: the four-day work week. It may seem like a wholesale transformation of everything we’ve come to know about work, but major firms in the US and beyond have experimented with, or plan to

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How companies use predictive analytics to get ahead of

Some companies are applying advanced data analytics to predict facilities, teams, and individuals perceived as most at risk of unionizing; they then send consultants, like Brock, on-site to persuade these employees that management, not the union, has their best interests in mind. This can include a new high-tech spin on what is often called a

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