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The company gained more clients – big and small. Sumsub provided onboarding for the top 3 European tech corporations, Group, job-finding platform JobToday, Czech car-sharing service AnyTime, Israeli taxi service Gett, and a …

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What documents should I submit to verify my business

For Finland-based companies, the following additional information is required: field of activity; full name, date of birth and citizenship of members of the statutory bodies and the person(s) representing the legal entity. For Germany-based …

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UBO: A Guide To Ultimate Beneficial Owner Disclosure

The suspicions arise once companies fail to submit financial statements and come up with vague excuses. That is how the importance of manifesting the UBO came into question and the result of non-compliance are penalties from up to one million euros. How do we check if there is a UBO in the room. First step: acquire the firm’s credentials

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