United States Top 10 Major Export Companies 2019

Below are 10 of the United States’ biggest export companies ordered by asset value. Shown within parentheses is the primary industry in which each company operates. Also shown is the percentage change in asset value as of December 2019 compared to one year earlier.

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American Global Technology Companies

American Global Technology Companies by Daniel Workman Global technology abstract As of May 2017, iconic hardware and equipment leader Apple is the world’s biggest global technology business in terms of market capitalization.

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Major Export Companies: Oil and Gas Operations as of

Two Indian oil and gas companies endured a -2.2% decline in year-over-year sales, namely Indian Oil and Hindustan Petroleum. Profit All 25 major oil and gas exports-oriented companies were profitable as of December 2018, with 24 of these businesses earnings over …

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Chocolate Exporters by Country 2020

Chocolate Exporting Companies. Based on the Candy Industry’s 2016 Top 100 Confectionery Companies in the World, below are the world’s largest conglomerates that produce chocolate bars and other cocoa-containing food preparations. Show within parenthesis is the country where each colossus is headquartered. Mars Inc (United States)

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Top Headphones Exporters 2019

Headphones Exporting Companies. According to global trading platform Alibaba, the following suppliers design or manufacture audio products including headphones. Shown within parenthesis is the city and corresponding country where the headquarters for each business is located. Beats Electronics (Culver City, United States)

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Top Fireworks Exporters 2020

Companies. Countries. Below are the 15 countries that exported the highest dollar value worth of fireworks during 2020. China: US$640.7 million (84.0% of exported fireworks) Netherlands: $35.8 million (4.7%) Germany: $20.7 million (2.7%) Poland: $9.6 million (1.3%) Czech Republic: $9.3 million (1.2%)

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